Edgewater Skate Park is a popular destination for skateboarders and BMX riders in Lakewood, Colorado. Located at the corner of 20th Avenue and Depew Street, this public park is a great place to hone your skills, meet other riders, and have a blast. With a variety of features, including a large bowl, a street course, and plenty of ledges and rails, Edgewater Skate Park has something for everyone.

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One of the standout features of Edgewater Skate Park is the massive concrete bowl. This deep, circular bowl has steep walls and a smooth surface, making it perfect for carving and gaining speed. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to skateboarding, the bowl at Edgewater Skate Park is a must-ride experience. The bowl is also great for hosting pro and amateur competitions, with its ample space and challenging layout.

In addition to the bowl, Edgewater Skate Park also features a street course with a variety of ledges, rails, and stair sets. This section of the park is perfect for practicing tricks like grinds and slides, as well as for honing your ollies and kickflips. The street course also features a few banks and transitions, allowing riders to flow from one feature to the next.

One of the things that sets Edgewater Skate Park apart from other skateparks in the area is its location. Situated just minutes from downtown Denver, this park is easily accessible from anywhere in the city. It’s also located in a residential neighborhood, giving it a unique community feel. Many local riders come to the park daily, creating a welcoming and supportive atmosphere.

Another great aspect of Edgewater Skate Park is its design. The park was created with input from local riders, ensuring that it has features that are both fun and challenging. The designers also took into account safety concerns, creating a park that is safe for riders of all ages and skill levels. The park has plenty of lighting, making it a great place to ride at night, and there is always someone around to provide tips and pointers.

If you’re looking to improve your skateboarding or BMX skills, Edgewater Skate Park is the perfect place to do so. The park is open seven days a week, from dawn until dusk, and admission is free. The park is well-maintained, with regular inspections and repairs, ensuring that it’s always in top condition. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’re sure to have a great time at Edgewater Skate Park.

Overall, Edgewater Skate Park is a great example of a well-designed public skatepark. From its massive concrete bowl to its challenging street course, this park has something for everyone. It’s easily accessible from anywhere in Denver and has a welcoming community feel. If you’re a skateboarder or BMX rider in the area, Edgewater Skate Park is definitely worth a visit.

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